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By now everyone is well aware that high quality graphic design should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. However, just to reiterate this fact one more time, let’s take a quick look at several of the top freelance graphic design statistics you should be well aware of in 2016. You can find freelance graphic design studio spaces in every major city across the UK. Visit www.meanwhilecreative.co.uk for details on their offerings in Bristol and South Wales.
Overall Visual Content
Adding coloured visuals to your post makes a person 80 per cent more willing to read the content accompanying it.

cool freelance graphic

When we hear information, we rarely remember more than 10 per cent of it three days later. However, when we see a related image, we remember around 65 per cent of the information three days later.

When content is accompanied by a relevant image, it gets 94 per cent more views than content without any images.

In 2016, 55 per cent of content creators consider creating visual content to be a priority during the content creation process.

When directions are accompanied by illustrations, people do 323 per cent better at following the directions than they do when there are no images.

illustration of a face

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Studies have shown that when images are relevant, readers pay closer attention to the images they see. In fact, they usually spend more time looking at the images than they do actually reading the text on the page.

In Regards to Social Media
When a Tweet is accompanied by an appropriate image, it gets:

  • 18 per cent more clicks.
  • An astounding 150 per cent more retweets.
  • 89 per cent more favorites.

When content includes an image on social media, it is raising its chances of being shared more than 40 times.

When it comes to Facebook posts, those with images see 2.3 times more engagement than posts that are devoid of images.

In regards to Instagram, images that show faces receive 38 per cent more likes than photos that do include faces.

More than 80 per cent of Pinterest pins are re-pinned compared to just 1.4 per cent of Tweets being retweeted. Along the same lines, 88 per cent of customers purchase a product after they pin it, while 49 per cent have purchased more than five of the products they have pinned.

Graphic design artists record that when an article includes an image at least every 75-100 words, it gets double the number of social shares than the same article with fewer images.

The Importance of Infographics
Infographics are a definite favorite. They are liked and shared 3 times more often than other content.

Of the graphic designers and marketers in today’s world, 60 per cent believe the use of infographics will increase in 2016 when compared to what was used in 2015. Why? People just like them. They are short, to the point, and provide all the information most people want and need without requiring them to read through pages of text to find what they are looking for.

Employement Fields

With more than 250,000 individuals seeking help from drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities each year, support workers are becoming more and more important. This field of employment includes a wide variety of positions,such as counsellors, recovery support workers, and healthcare assistants. While some of these positions are limited to professionals, others do not have specific education or certification requirements. Here’s a quick look at why support workers play such a crucial role in the rehab process.

employing support workers in drug and alcohol rehabs

When an individual enters a rehab centre for a drug and alcohol addiction,constant emotional support is needed for a successful detox and recovery. For example, some support workers, including counsellors, can help addicts identify and address any underlying issues that may have played a part in their addiction. They are often part of a team that creates (and possibly revises) a treatment plan that includes goals created for the specific individual, while also evaluating the addict’s progress,

For addicts, support workers are often viewed as someone who will listen to their fears and concerns without judging them. They provide encouragement, help keep them motivated, and provide empathy.

In some cases, support workers may also provide emotional support to family members who are struggling to understand and deal with what their loved one is going through.
Depending on what substance(s) a person has been using,as well as how much and for how long, detox can be a painful experience. Support workers are often there to monitor an individual’s physical condition and possibly even their mental status and report any unusual or unrelieved symptoms to the nurse or doctor. They may suggest diversionary activities, teach coping skills,or encourage active participation in groups that will help get the individual’s physical symptoms off their mind.

In many rehab programmes, certain support workers assist individuals in adjusting to living their life sober, while also transitioning back to their community and the real world. They may help them redevelop life skills they had previously ignored, such as maintaining their personal hygiene, cleaning up after themselves, taking control of their financial situation, and more, based on the addict’s specific needs.They may help individuals who are discharging find safe housing, locate food resources, access education and training opportunities, or even find employment.

In addition, it is not unusual for certain support workers to work with an addict to learn much needed skills designed to prevent them from relapsing after they are discharged.

Some support worker roles are geared toward helping the individual return to the community. For example, they may help the addict find affordable housing after he or she is discharged. There are even instances where support workers continue to provide support and follow-up care after discharge.

After looking at the statistics, it is evident that substance abuse problems in the UK will likely get worse before they get better, which means support workers will continue to be a valued member of a rehab centre’s staff.

Employment Law Guide

It can be an exciting time for an entrepreneur when their business has grown big sufficient to use people to continue with the called for expansion. Nonetheless, there are some bottom lines that every brand-new company must recognize, so they do not drop nasty of employment laws that manage employees and also their employees.

Guide to Employment Law for New Employers

1. Employers should provide a work agreement within 12 weeks of an employee’s beginning date. The problem to do so can suggest that a company has instantly damaged the law. The deal needs to describe the terms of employment as well as include points such as remuneration, functioning hrs, vacation allocation and vacation pay.

2. Making certain that a company uses the right people is essential and also during the employment process care need to be taken not to discriminate whatsoever versus potential workers, this consists of differentiating by age, race and also impairment.

3. The National base pay must be a factor to consider as this varies based on a time of the employee.

4. Work descriptions are an integral part of using the staff. If personnel do not have clear and defined regions outlining their obligations and also exactly just what is expected of them after that this can result in good and unreasonable termination instances.

5. The grievance policy must be set out as well as explained clearly at an early phase of an employee’s employment. An pre-employee screening has a right to share a complaint either with their line supervisor or recognize the protocol if the grievance is with their line supervisor. Failing to outline clearly this plan could additionally bring about companies being taken to an employment tribunal.

Guide to Employment Law for New Employers

It is important for businesses to know that employees have rights in the workplace which problem to note these civil liberties could bring about breaches of employment law. It is coming to be significantly prevalent for worker’s who have been on the obtaining end of a violation of employment law to look for the professional help of employment legal representatives who are experts in assisting them to get justice.

This help is not just for the worker though employers are progressively utilizing the solutions of employment law experts to aid them either protect against potential breaches of the law by preparing employment contracts or providing terms and conditions for them to offer to staff members. In some cases, companies will indeed utilize employment lawyers to act on their behalf if a worker does decide to try as well as take the employer to an employment tribunal.

Effective Pre-Employment

In today’s competitive financial environment, companies can not pay for to be side-tracked by staff member troubles such as workplace violence, burglary, incorrect resumes, embezzlement, harassment or trumped-up injury claims. Employers have increasingly looked to pre-employment screening as an essential risk management device to try to devote hiring trouble employees in the first place.

Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening

At the same time, business is coming to be a lot more expense mindful as well. Despite the apparent advantages of pre-employment testing, management usually expects safety and security and personnel experts to generate more outcomes with fewer resources. The difficulty encountering safety and security and staff specialists is finding ways to apply an efficient employment law of screening process program that is additionally cost-effective.

Such a program has four goals:

  • First, the program must show that a company makes use of due diligence in employing. That means that a company takes practical tasks to determine a task applicant is suitable for the task. This can shield an employer from cases of “negligent hiring.”.
  • Second, adequate screening acquires factual info regarding a candidate, to supplement the perceptions gotten from a meeting alone. It is additionally a useful tool for judging the reliability of a prospect’s resume.
  • Third, efficient pre-employment serves to dissuade applicants with something to hide. An applicant with significant criminal convictions is much less most likely to use at a firm that announces it does pre-employment background checks.
  • Ultimately, a background-screening program must encourage applicants to be very straightforward in their applications and also interviews. Because candidates are informed there is a background check, they have a motivation to reveal details regarding themselves they feel might be uncovered with a check.

Numerous companies see pre-employment screening process as a procedure that begins after a candidate has been chosen by a hiring supervisor or division, and also the name is submitted to protection or personnel for a background file. Depending upon the employer, it is either outsourced to a background firm or investigated inside with company safety and security. In a standard screening program, the emphasis is on checking for criminal records, in addition to other background searches that are typically available.

An efficient background-screening program, however, is far more than merely checking criminal records after a candidate has been selected. In fact, a reliable background testing program also starts before the first return to is obtained or the very first job interview is conducted. It requires a company-wide dedication to a safe hiring by everyone entailed with recruitment. Employers, employing managers and recruiters have to understand secure hiring techniques are not something somebody else cares for after they make an employing choice. It becomes part of their duties also.

The complying with tasks can enhance the effectiveness of a screening program. However, they all take place before a working with the decision is made and also before a background credit report is requested. They likewise make the fairly little money and time compared with the benefits firm gets.

These nine actions trust two essential factors. Initially, they make use of many and overlapping tools that come close to the job from various instructions. There is no person screening process device that by itself ensures an effective screening process program. Second, they need the division in charge of background screening process to recruit and also inform every person in the working with a procedure to end up being associated with secure hiring, starting with the person who places ads in the paper.

These two tasks are:

Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening

1. Job news, such as paper advertisements, ought to clearly indicate the company needs background checks. This discourages an applicant with something to hide by plainly specifying in the public announcement for a work opening that the firm does screening process. Companies find great applicants are not prevented from using at firms that do background screening process. Employees are just as distressed as employers to work in a secure atmosphere with qualified and straightforward people.

2. All candidates should sign consent for a background check, including a certain authorization for rap sheets at the time they send an application or resume. This offers two crucial features in the screening procedure. Initially, it makes it very clear to a work candidate that criminal records will be browsed. An applicant with a rap sheet they want to conceal could apply rather with a firm that does not carry out screening. Second, some people might willingly reveal a prior difficulty. For some positions, a minor criminal offense in all honesty made known might not necessarily remove a person from consideration if the crime is not connected to the task.

There are some firms that do not use application, but instead work with based upon resumes. Because circumstance, a company can prepare an extra launch kind for the applicant to complete and also authorize. Some firms include a supplemental sheet in their applications asking a candidate especially if they have any issues concerning a background screening and also whether there is anything they want to offer the company’s interest. This is an excellent tool to concentrate candidates on the reality a complete investigation will be conducted as part of the employing process.

Employment Law

With all the brand-new information worrying HIPAA, which is arranged to be fully carried out by April of 2005. You should be aware of the privacy laws that govern your method. One element of discretion problems employment law. There are federal as well as state guidelines that resolve employment as well as discrimination laws.

Employment Law - As It Applies to Confidentiality

The common law governs the partnership in between employer and staff members regarding tort as well as agreement responsibilities. These rules belong to recruitment agency law as well as the association between Principle (employer) and also Representative (employee). In some instances, yet not all, this law has been replaced by proper implementations, primarily on the Federal degree to know about pre-employment background screening. The balance, as well as working partnership between company and employee, is significantly impacted by federal government laws. The regards to employment between the administration and the worker are regulated by government law made to promote company management and well-being of the staff member. The federal law additionally manages and forbids discrimination in employment based on race, sex, faith, age, handicap or national beginning. Also, Congress has also mandated that employers supply their staff members a safe as well as healthy atmosphere to operate in. All states have taken on Worker’s Payment Acts that provide compensation to workers that have been hurt throughout the course of their responsibilities for the employer.

As I noted above, a connection that is closely about agent is the employee with employment law guides. As well as the principle independent specialist. In the employer-employee connection, likewise called the (master-servant relationship), the employer has the right to control the physical conduct of the staff member. An individual that involves an independent professional to do a particular task does not deserve to regulate the conduct of the independent specialist in the performance of his or her contract. The agreement time to finish the task depends upon the employer’s time frame to complete the desired job(s), or work. Bear in mind that the company might still be held liable for the torts dedicated by a staff member within the range of his or her employment. In contrast, an employer is not responsible for torts committed by an independent professional, yet there are instances when the company can be held accountable for the acts of the independent professional. Know your regulations regulating hiring a person as an independent contractor.

Labor law is not suitable for your practice of Chiropractic in a technique setup. We will certainly concentrate on employment and discrimination law. Some Federal Statutes restrict discrimination in employment based on race, sex, faith, nationwide beginning, age and also a handicap. The major structure of Federal employment discrimination law is Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but also the Equal Pay Act, Discrimination in Employment Act of 1973, the Rehab Act of 1973, as well as lots of Exec Orders. In all situations, each state has enacted legislations prohibiting the very same discriminations as Federal Statutes.

Equal Pay Act: This act prohibits an employer from discriminating against employees by sex by paying unequal incomes for the very same work. The law also restricts the company from paying earnings at a rate less than the price at which he spends for equal work at the same facility. As soon as the worker has shown that the company pays unequal salaries for equivalent work to members of the other sex, the burden of proof changes to the employer to show that the pay distinction is based upon the following:

  •  Standing system
  • Merit system
  •  A system that determines revenues by quantity or high quality of manufacturing
  •  Or any factor other than sex.

Remedies could include recovery of back pay and also urging the employer from further illegal conduct and or significant fines.

Employment Law - As It Applies to Confidentiality
Civil liberty Act of 1964: Title VII of the Civil liberty Act restricts discrimination by race, different colors, sex, religious beliefs, or nationwide beginning in hiring, firing, making up, promoting, training or staff members. Each of the following might make up a violation restricted by the Act:

1. The company was making use of prescribed requirements in making an employment decision. Prima Facie proof would reveal, if the staff member was within a secured course, gotten a job opportunity and also was received the location, was denied the work and the employed continuously attempt to fill up the placement. As soon as these criteria’s are developed, the burden of proof shifts to the company to warrant a nondiscriminatory reason for the person’s denial for the work.

2. A group takes part in conduct which looks neutral or non-discriminatory. However, continuouslies proceed ancient inequitable techniques.

3. The employer adopts rules, which are damaging to secure classes, which are not justified as being needed to the art company. The enforcement recruitment agency is the Equal Employment Opportunity Compensation (EEOC). It has the right to submit legal actions, solve activity via arbitration, or other methods before filing suit. Check out all charges of discrimination and also issue guidelines as well as rules worrying the enforcement plan of discrimination law.